In fact, this is already the second time that I can’t sleep in the night.

With the experience of the first time, it didn’t bother me so much as the first time. But still, it doesn’t feel good. I feel hot and anxiety when I lied on the bed. This terrible feeling makes me to recall “ねむり”(Sleep), the book wrote by Murakami Haruki. Then I can’t help but start to think about if I couldn’t fell asleep every night — What a hell!

Suddenly I find that sleep is so important and precious! I didn’t even notice it before! But it makes sense — people always ignore the preciousness of the things can get easily by themselves. But I should point out that the ignorance isn’t people’s fault, but of course it’s not an advantage either. It’s just… you know, nature. But if we can get rid of such ignorance and treasure the preciousness of everything we have — I don’t want to say the world will be a better place to live, but we will do live better.

Wow! I just wrote a chicken soup of heart insensibly.

Speaking of chicken soup of heart, I’d like to talk about it — I hate it since I knew it. I thought it’s fake, inane and the writers of such “soups” are irresponsible wiseacres — they give readers one by one unreal fantasy such as “If they work hard, they will certainly succeed” and so on. But we know “Efforts do not always reward”, “It’s wise to give up when it needs” … in short, we should understand the reality clearly and correctly rather than immersed in fantasy.

Well, start from insomnia, I write to my opinions on chicken soup of heart. Because of my poor English, I believe there are many mistakes in both grammar and understanding — Please point out if you find any of them, thanks a lot 🙂